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Season 1 - Episode 5

What is this episode about?

From Wedding Planner to Wedding Dress store owner Nadine Crozier of Ballgowns, Bridal, and Beyond joins me on the show today. 

Nadine shares with you her work in the inclusive space, ensuring people of any size can have a positive wedding dress shopping experience. We discuss styles, trying on dresses, who to bring, trusting your stylist, and much more. 

This episode is a great resource for people who are looking to buy their wedding dress but are not sure where to start. Nadine shares from when you try on and choose a dress and how deposits work and we discuss the dreaded question….  

“I’ve purchased a dress but now I’m not 100% sure about it…” Nadine shares her professional tips for this scenario and what you can do in the event you are in this same position. 

We answer your Instagram questions, including but not limited to, 

“Dress shopping when you’re not your ideal weight” 

“If I find something I like, how do alterations work?” 

“How long does it take to make a wedding dress?” 

“What is the minimum timeline for getting a wedding dress?””

“I’m plus-sized and have put off wedding dress shopping. How do I know if a store will have a sample size big enough for me?”

“I’ve tried on lots of dresses, how do I know when I’ve found the one?”

Nadine and I then share our Hitch glitch stories where things go wrong at weddings and a groom on a delayed flight the day of his wedding causes drama at her sister’s wedding. 

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TOP 5 Things to consider when buying your wedding dress

On the Your Marriage Awaits Podcast Nadine shared with Nicole her top 5 tips for when it comes time to choose your dream wedding dress. Here is a short recap of what was discussed in the Podcast episode. For more information listen to her episode with the link above!

Number 1: Understand the process of purchasing a wedding gown

Number 2: Know your timeline and plan ahead if you can (and expect lead times). It's never to early to start dress shopping!

Number 3: Have an idea of what you like but be open to possibilities - Don't judge a dress by how it looks on the hanger.

Number 4: Don't pass on having alterations done to perfect the fit of the gown.

Number 5: Prepare a checklist of things to bring with you when trying on gowns.

If you need help preparing a dress shopping checklist we have a download available in the resource store. The two-page checklist covers things to bring and space to make notes about dresses you tried on at the appointment.

Then when you are back home (or on your phone at the appointment) you can use our 'Ultimate Wedding Planning Spreadsheet' to update your thoughts on each dress to easily keep track of the important details such as price, sizing, and availability.

Meet nadine!



My name is Nadine, I'm a wife, mother and business woman. For the last 6 years I've been the owner of Ballgowns Bridal & Beyond - a Bridal & Special Occasion wear boutique based in West Auckland.

Growing up I was always the bigger girl in the room. I had glasses and I certainly wasn’t part of the popular crowd. But I had an incredible family, an amazing Mum and there was never any doubt that I was loved. In my early teens, my mother trained as a Colour & Style Coach.

Continued below...


As she helped women bring out their inner beauty with the best styles and colour clothing for their bodies, I watched and learned as she did this too. This knowledge, and the confidence it built in me, is something I have carried with me ever since.

In 2017, after 10 years of being a Wedding & Event Planner and Stylist, I had the opportunity to purchase Ballgowns, Bridal & Beyond. I was excited to combine two of my core beliefs – that ‘Every Body is Beautiful’ and that it is good to ‘Celebrate More and Celebrate Well’.

Ballgowns, Bridal & Beyond has been around for about 20 years. I bought the business about 6 years ago from the original owner who wanted to retire. Dressing people for their special occasions is an absolute joy. I love what we do. We are blessed to be able to work in a positive and safe space while helping people of all shapes and sizes discover gowns that enhance their natural beauty. Just as I found confidence, I want all our customers to feel and look confident in stunning dresses that they love.

What products or services does your business offer? 

We sell wedding gowns, ballgowns, bridesmaid dresses, and outfits for other special occasions such as Mother of the Bride/Groom. While some of our gowns can be purchased off the rack the majority of our ranges are made to order. In addition to this, we have also recently begun to offer a custom design service.

Tell US your favourite wedding story...

I have many favourites - they always start with lovely couples who are prepared to trust the process.

My most recent was a lovely bride who came to us. She was plus size and not very tall. She had some photos of what she liked and tried on a number of gowns. We ended up deciding to do a custom design. The gown turned out so beautifully that we added it to our designer collection and named it after her. She also decided she would like some fingerless gloves personalised with words embroidered across the knuckles - which we also made for her. I love it when brides are brave enough to try something a bit different and be creative.

If you could change one thing about your own wedding what would it be?

I would have asked the photographer to take a photo of my flowers and the finer details. We got married 18 years ago and I don't think photos of the details were such a big thing back then. But I love details, I spent hours organising the finer details, I just wish I was able to look back on these aspects more clearly.