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Season 1 - Episode 4

What's this episode about?

How do we find the magic people that marry us?!?! Wedding celebrant and recent bride Laura Giddey joins us this week to share all about the role of a celebrant in the lead-up to your wedding day, on the day itself, and beyond. Laura’s tips and tricks for choosing the right celebrant for you and ways to make your ceremony memorable are not to be missed. Laura shares her ‘Hitch Glitch’ involving the sea, a marriage license, and some stripped down groomsmen …. Can you guess what might’ve gone wrong?!?! 


What is a Wedding Celebrant? Laura demystifies the role and importance of a celebrant in your big day.

Finding the Perfect Fit: From Cape Reinga to Bluff, tips on sourcing a trustworthy and comfortable match for your nuptials in New Zealand.

What is the Celebrant's Role on Your Day: It's more than just officiating; Laura reveals the behind-the-scenes involvement of a wedding celebrant.

Crafting the Perfect Ceremony: Every couple has a unique story. Learn how a celebrant captures and narrates yours in a heartfelt ceremony.

What can go wrong on a wedding day? Laura shares her 'Hitch Glitches' and some laughs with Nicole.

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Laura’s ‘Hitch Glitch’ Wedding couple - Photos Laura shared with us below.

Learn more about Laura and see some of her wedding photos on her blog feature here!

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"I've got over 10 years of experience while still hopefully being young and young at heart! So I hope that means I have a modern, fresh approach that is open to new ideas while also having confidence and certainty that I can provide the best service." - Laura

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Laura's wedding planning recommendations

On the Your Marriage Awaits Podcast Laura shared with Nicole the role of a celebrant on the wedding day and a look behind the curtain. Here she shares her favourite recommendations.

Number 1: Do a first look before the ceremony or get ready together.

Number 2: Consider writing personal vows, There are no rules and you won't regret it!

Number 3: Bring dogs to your wedding, haha

Number 4: Trust your celebrant to tell your story, give them lots of detail and examples of your life together so they have lots to work with


Number 5: Remember a good celebrant is doing so much more than 20 minutes on the day.

If you need help preparing personal vows listen to Laura's episode and then speak with your celebrant about any questions you still have.

Then you can use our 'Ultimate Wedding Planning Spreadsheet' to save a copy of your vows so they don't disappear into the cloud!

Meet Laura!



I first became a celebrant in 2012 and I think New Zealand weddings were fairly traditional back then. Because we are a small country, we don't tend to have many extremes in terms of surprise, themed, or out-of-the-box weddings for example. There are a couple each year and it's becoming more normalised but we are still pretty safe down here! I also think people are spending less on weddings post Covid, which also means putting less pressure on themselves and their vendors.

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I love getting to know my couples and writing a personalised ceremony that reflects their relationship and sets the perfect scene for the rest of their awesome wedding day. I meet with couples, write their ceremony script, help them with their vows, attend rehearsals and run their wedding ceremony on the day. 

The longer I've been doing this job the more I'm convinced that I'd be happy to do anything that a couple wants to do for their wedding. That might sound extreme! But I firmly believe that the wedding should be a representation of the couple so anything that is important to them, I'm more than happy to facilitate. 

Laura on her wedding day with her husband. Beautifully captured by Chris Turner Photographer

Tell US your favourite wedding story

There are many but I had one couple who were both primary school teachers and so during their ceremony we did the Elephant Toothpaste experiment where one of them poured hydrogen peroxide into a beaker and the other added potassium making an awesome high foaming explosion. We talked about it being a symbol of their chemistry and connection and also how you couldn't split once they were together and the guests loved the surprise element! 

Tell US your best wedding disaster story

I did a wedding a few years ago where the bride was 45 minutes late because the zip on her dress broke and she had to get sewn into it. Usually that'd be ok and I'd just chill with the guests but of course it was one of the rare days where I had two weddings in one day and I had another one to get it right after. Luckily the second wedding was close by and had a small guest list plus the couple were hanging out with their guests before hand so I let them know and was able to make both work, but it could have been bad!

Name 4-5 'icks' you have in your niche?

  • "Vowels" or "vowls" instead of vows.
  • People writing their vows on the day before or, worst, day of the wedding!
  • This isn't in my niche but I think champagne towers are such a waste of money.
  • Giving one-word answers in their couple's questionnaire makes ceremony writing hard work and less personal. 



I love how Laura is watching on as the drama unfolds!

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