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"We offer unique services, such as live wedding portrait painting, guest portraits and private commissions, to capture precious memories and create heirloom pieces to be enjoyed by generations"

Anna Doria

Season 1 - Episode 10

What's this episode about? 


Anna Doria from New Zealand Wedding Painter is a wedding painter and artist and she shares the behind-the-scenes of what goes into creating her stunning pieces of art for her couple’s big day! 

Anna and I discuss what options you have with your paintings, including guest portraits, couple portraits, or even your bouquet or venue! Anna shares her insights into how she offers guest entertainment as well as creating an heirloom product for generations to enjoy. 

We answer your Instagram questions, including but not limited to, 

“How to find a wedding painter?” 

“What does a wedding day look like for you?” 

“How long does it take to get your painting back?”

“How long does it take you to paint, How long do you need on the day?”

“Can you do smaller paintings?” 

“What's the most difficult thing to paint?”

“What are the touch points, how often do we meet to plan?”

Anna shares her Top 5 tips for people who choose to have a live wedding painter - All shared on the blog below along with some gorgeous photos of her work!

We exchange Hitch glitch stories and wrap up the episode with Anna’s top 5 tips and her socials!

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TOP 5 TIPS to consider when CHOOSING YOUR WEDDING Painter

On the Your Marriage Awaits Podcast Anna shared with Nicole her top 5 tips for when it comes time to choose your live wedding painter. Here is a short recap of what was discussed in the Podcast episode. For more information listen to her episode with the link above!

1. Do your research and get inspired! Different painters have different styles!

2. Clear communication is the key! Make sure the painter knows what style of painting you want AND that they can offer it. This helps a lot with planning and avoids the frustration of your painting not turning out like you had envisioned. 

3.Include your planner in the conversation! They are helping you to create your dream day and will help you organize the best spot at the wedding for your painter to be, making sure that they have a place to access water, power outlets for their lights. They will also serve as a point of contact on the day.

4.Book in advance! If you and your partner know which painter you want at your wedding book them ASAP! There aren't many of us, and there aren't too many weekends in peak wedding season! Most of our work includes traveling and planning, so the earlier you book, the higher the chances of getting the painter you want.

5. Ask questions! Even if the painter you want don't offer a specific service or size, dare to inquire! Most of us just want to create the best experience for you and your guests. So we will do anything we can to do so.

Meet Anna!



My name is Anna and I am the face and hand behind NZ Wedding Painter. Born in Minas Gerais, Brazil, it didn't take me long to pick up my first paint brush. My first ever project was painting my mum a book while she was in hospital, as a way to help her feel better. A few years later, I headed off to art school to study fine arts and fashion, before moving to Japan in 2019 to pursue a PhD in social sciences. During this time, I continued to paint and also held a private watercolour....

Continued below...


...flower exhibition in the city of Fukuoka. It was also here that I met my future partner in crime, a New Zealander.

Two years and one pandemic later, we finally closed the gap between us, and I arrived on the sandy shores of this beautiful country. Soon after, I became Louis Vuitton's first New Zealand-based painter, specialising in custom pieces. The attention to detail and bespoke nature of the work set the foundation for this venture. One day, a client asked me about wedding ceremony painting, to which my response was "...huh?". After some quick googling, I knew that I wanted to be a wedding painter and that this was something special I could offer the world. The rest is history!

What do you love most about your job as a live wedding painter?

I love the fact that I can make clients dreams come true through my art! I have the chance to create something that will be very meaningful for them. Live painting is relatively new in New Zealand, and most people don't immediately think about it as an option for their wedding day. Unlike photography, painting can create something that maybe wasn't real on that day. Sometimes couples would like to include special people that could not be at their wedding for different reasons, or their pets. The ability to tailor my art to the unique vision of my clients is what excites and drives me.

Tell me your favourite wedding story...

One of my most recent weddings was of a couple who booked three weeks before their wedding. Through their planner, we found that the bride really wanted to have a wedding painter but at the time she was looking, she couldn't find any that she liked in New Zealand. During every stage of the process, she was so happy and excited to have us at her wedding, that it was almost unbelievable. Before and during the wedding, we had family members and friends coming to us to let us know how happy she was because it was her dream to have a painter at her wedding! At the end of the night, she gave me a big hug, thanking me for the portrait and I almost cried!! I felt so happy to be there and to be able to portray her day! Moments like this are so rewarding and make me so grateful for my job!


We make a point to address any specific cultural or spiritual needs of each and every one of our clients. We do not discriminate on any basis as long as the common values of respect and love are upheld!


Creativity, Passion and Dedication: Creativity encompasses innovation, originality, and the ability to think outside the box to create unique experiences for our clients. It also fuels our commitment to continuous improvement and growth. We have also a lot of enthusiasm for the craft and a strong work/play ethic.

Quality and Customer-Centricity: the needs and desires of our clients are at the forefront of our minds and we pride ourselves on providing value in excess of expectations.

Collaboration: We jump on the opportunity to collaborate with vendors and clients alike with the aim of fostering a sense of community. We know the value of long-lasting relationships and a network of support that stands the test of time. We embrace and celebrate different perspectives and experiences, regardless of background.

When did you come into the wedding world and how has it changed?

Coming into a post-covid wedding environment, we've seen an increase in smaller weddings and a greater focus on unique, intimate experiences. We've also seen people are booking with shorter notice, which is quite interesting!

Tell me your best wedding disaster story!

Weather affects everyone! At one of my weddings, it started to POUR down soon into the reception and I didn't realize how much the abrupt change in humidity would cause me trouble... When it was time to paint the bride and groom, I noticed that the consistency of my paint was a bit off, crumbly, and gel-like. The paint was not sticking to the canvas! The more I tried to spread paint, the more I was removing from their faces with my brush. In live wedding painting, time is your most precious resource, and it's extremely important to have a good (albeit not perfect) representation of the couple at the end of the night. I started to silently panic. I then took a deep breath and tried to understand what was happening. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and realized that there was so much moisture in the air, that it wasn't drying at all. I took another couple of minutes to think and decided to paint other parts of the canvas with very thin layers, so I could give the couple a chance to dry before I could come back and work more on them. Somehow, my plan worked and I could finish with a good result by the end of the night! 

Anna in action painting at the Park Hyatt

Tell me about your business, how long have you been in business, what you do and how you serve your clients needs?

We (my partner and I) started NZ Wedding Painter only in March of this year, so we are still a baby business! But since the beginning, we strive to create the most exquisite pieces of art representing our clients and their loved ones, live on their wedding day or at any other special event that they my wish to get on canvas or paper.

What is your business' mission statement?

NZ Wedding Painter's mission is to employ my multidisciplinary artistic skills to create enchanting experiences for the wedding and event industry. I am so excited and humbled to be able to offer my skills to anyone who is fortunate enough to experience love in this crazy world.

What makes you unique in your industry?

The New Zealand wedding industry has very few painters, and live painting is a growing service in the country. Our uniqueness comes from a combination of more than 15 years painting and drawing combined with my devotion to preserving and celebrating memories. Despite my years of experience painting, I am always learning new things with each piece. This is what gets me up in the morning. By creating art to enrich the journey of others, I add a little more to my own, with joy being the glue to hold it all together. Be it their wedding venue, ceremony, family, beloved pets, or heirlooms, representing them through painting is a gift that has been around almost since time itself. 

Be sure to follow anna on instagram @NZweddingpainter and get inspired!

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