Kia ora, my name is NICOLE


I am a New Zealand based wedding, portrait, and event photographer and the host of New Zealand's first wedding planning podcast 'Your Marriage Awaits'. I have the opportunity to connect with top NZ wedding industry experts, and speak with them about the journey that is wedding planning. Passing on valuable insights and tips to you to avoid making the most common wedding planning mistakes! Sign up to my mailing list below so you can plan your wedding like a pro!

Why a Podcast?

Honestly, I love podcasts and I couldn't find anything like it in New Zealand. I choose to share my knowledge and passion for weddings in the form of a podcast to be able to help more couples. I have been having full-on hours-long chats about weddings with friends, clients, and newly engaged couples forever and I finally decided to document these discussions in a more formal way. These podcast episodes will allow me to answer your wedding planning questions before you even have a chance to ask them. My goal is to create a community of like-minded people who are looking to support one another while planning their celebrations. And in the future, I hope it will remain a valuable resource to engaged couples who embark on the wedding planning journey.

A Decade of Experience

Having been in the wedding industry for coming up on a decade I have photographed and attended more than 350 weddings. During this time I have seen trends come and go, styles change and traditions broken. Most excitingly, I have seen my couples dare to be different and plan weddings unique to them, disregarding what is expected and wowing their guests with their unique touches. I hope as you listen and engage with the YMA content you feel empowered to plan a wedding that is truly you!

What is YMA all about?

Watch the video below to find out

My Photography Work