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What's this episode about?

 Amy and Nicole kick off the episode by exploring the journey to radiant skin for your big day. They discuss skincare routines, share tips on achieving that coveted bridal glow, and highlight must-have products. Amy's expertise from Ryan Beauty Co shines as she guides brides on prepping their skin for the ultimate wedding day radiance.

Dream Makeup Looks and Hairstyles: A Match Made in Beauty Heaven

The podcast delves into the exciting realm of dream makeup looks and hairstyles, emphasizing the importance of choosing styles that resonate with your unique personality and wedding vibe. Amy and Nicole unravel the secrets behind selecting the perfect makeup and hairstyle combination, ensuring you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself on your special day.

Insider Tips for Makeup that Lasts From Dawn to Dusk

Amy spills the beans on how to keep your makeup looking flawless throughout the day. From long-lasting products to the essential items for your touch-up kit, you won't want to miss these insider tips. Discover why wedding makeup is designed to withstand up to 16 hours, providing you with confidence and radiance from your ceremony to the dance floor.


How do I get my skin wedding ready? Amy discusses the importance of a good skincare routine in the lead up to your big day and what you can do now.

Showing Inspiration Pictures: Amy explains what you need to bring with you and how to find inspo pics that suit your face shape and dress.

What is the Make Up Artist's Role on Your Day: It's more than just turning up; Amy reveals the behind-the-scenes involvement of a wedding HMUA.

Picky People: Every wedding has a Mum or a member of the wedding party that's a little particular. Amy shares how to address this with a fantastic option!

Top 5 tips to the perfect wedding morning!: Amy shares her favourite wedding morning pump up and relaxation tips.

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"I serve Brides in a more defined way, offering wedding hairstyling for a modern Bride and continue to educate people on how to find their signature Makeup style for personal development and confidence." - Amy

Photo supplied by Amy Ryan

Photo supplied by Amy Ryan

Amy's wedding Planning recommendations

On the Your Marriage Awaits Podcast Amy shared with Nicole the role of a HMUA on the wedding day and a look behind the curtain. Here she shares her favourite recommendations for fab wedding morning!

Number 1: Look for at least 5 hairstyle inspirations. They don't have to be different styles but they need to be the same colour as your own hair on different people.

Number 2: Try to bring your veil or hair accessories, earrings and necklace along to your Bridal Preview.

Number 3: Wear white to your Preview! With a similar neckline to your dress. bright colours and patterns with complicate it when you are trying to envisage your Bridal look. 

Number 4: Have a Rainy-Day plan for the wedding day. This includes where you get ready. Don't half-arse the plan make it a solid plan in case the weather changes. 


Number 5: Get your bridesmaid's hair and inspo prepped early on too. Letting people just decide what they want on the day is often problematic as you will learn that planning your hairstyle, hair cuts, colours, treatments are crucial to having epic hair on the big day.

Then you can use our 'Ultimate Wedding Planning Spreadsheet' to save a copy of your inspo pictures so they don't disappear into the cloud!

Meet Amy!



I've been serving Brides for 17 years! It started as my part time gig at the age of 24, back then spray tans and makeup service was just becoming a thing and it fit into my life aside my full time role as a Territory Manager and my husband (boyfriend at the time) was playing full time rugby so I often had free time on the weekends to do my own thing.

Continued below...


Once we were married ourselves and started our family I decided that working for myself was the best fit for our family and Hairstyling/Makeup services and Education became my main gig. 

What is something you do to ensure inclusivity and accessibility in your business?

I have a discovery call service for any upcoming Bride to speak with me and am available on most social platforms plus I have created my podcast to ensure there's always access to my advice!

70s bride bears her hair in a beehive in a short sequinned dress with white heels

Amy on her wedding day with her second dress for dancing! Photo Supplied by Amy Ryan

If you could change one thing about your own wedding what would it be? 

Ooooh...... nothing! haha I loved our wedding. It was such an epic day. 130 guests and a big party to end it. Then a day-after party! I think I wouldn't have bothered with my bridal portraits on the day - honestly! I would have scheduled this for a day in the following weeks after the wedding or even a pre-wedding photoshoot. Professional candids are they way to go! (in my opinion) Doing this would have allowed us to enjoy more time with our guests and each other or time to do a second look dress/hairstyle! Do not be tempted to just do portraits before the wedding ceremony - it puts too much pressure on your morning schedule. (unless of course its a tiny bridal party)

Tell US your favourite wedding story

Too many. Honestly, my favourite wedding mornings are the ones where the Bride had considered the ambience of the room as well as required space and nourishing breakfast nibbles for all! This includes background music (essential), a well lit space, ample table space and like I said.... those nibbles!

Tell US your best wedding disaster story

Hmmm.... the two that spring to mind are: 1) Theres a always a reason we suggest things like taking flowers out of the water with plenty of time to dry the stems... Once a wedding bouquet had a ribbon around the base that leaked its deep red colour and almost caused a HUGE problem for the Brides beautiful white gown. You can image what this would have looked like too. 2) Bridemaid's dress, try that dress on the month before then the week of the wedding and give yourself time to make adjustments to it should it need them. Or have a back up dress! I have seen a dress absolutely not fit a bridesmaid and another bridesmaid its forcing the zip and next minute the fabric has torn all the way down. So then they try sewing it up but the gap is enormous. A new dress was required so there were obviously some delays getting to the wedding and the dress no longer matching.

Name 4-5 'icks' you have in your niche?

1) Not prepping your hair exactly as I outline. This usually results in dirty hair, oily hair, flat hair and we just cant do much with that. Plus it takes us longer on the day as we are internally panicking and problem solving. This mainly applies to your bridesmaids and guests as my Brides are always well-versed in what they need to do by this point.

2) Fussy bridesmaids. If you have a fussy Bridesmaid or Mum suggest they book in for their own hairstyle preview with me. Solves all their concerns 

 3) When I arrive to a stone-cold quiet Bridal suite/Prep area 

 4) People with unrealistic expectations on their hairstyle and what we can create. We are pretty talented (haha) but not magicians, we have lots of cool tricks up our sleeves but without an open mind and flexible mindset you may feel disappointed. *Refer tip on having 5 hairstyle references.

5) On the wedding day, Insisting on going last for Hair or Makeup! This causes stress for everyone. Going second to last is the sweet spot 

"The wedding forums are not a source for working out your wedding budget. The magazines don't even seem to be accurate these days. I would love the mags and online publications to feature vendors more! We are all so different and creative and theres someone out there for everyone! Your budget is your choice. You can't compare it to anyone else's as we all value services differently and dream of different aethetics."

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