The only template you need to start writing your wedding vows

Sarah-Jane, wedding celebrant, MC and Day of Coordinator from the beautiful New Zealand town of The Coromandel! Sarah-Jane Laing Celebrant joins me on the Your Marriage Awaits podcast to talk about how to write the perfect wedding vows and shares her tips from her years of experience. 

Sarah Jane talks you through the 6 steps to good vow writing and by the end of this blog post you will have a draft version of your vows, how good is that! 

six steps to the perfect wedding vows

one - Opening statement. . .

This is a good chance to make your commitment; "Today I take you to be my wife/husband" (legal requirement) and add something like "Today I give you my hand in marriage" - it's as easy as that! You know have the start of your vows YAY! Let's keep going!

two - Your Story...

Look back on your relationship and the important moments and milestones that you had together. Perhaps the first time you met, first impressions? Did you swipe right 6 years ago? Did you have 5 years of friendship before you realised there was something more? Your first kiss? Or even the moment you knew that your partner was the one. Capture how you felt, this was the beginning of your special love story that is leading you to writing your vows right now!

three - I love you because...

Talk about the great qualities of your partner that bring out the best in you, and how this matches with your qualities. How do you know you are in love, why you miss them when they are away? This is where you really get in touch with your feelings and express all the amazing qualities about your partner is two ways; overall great things your partner is outgoing, loyal, adventurous, generous... qualities that are about them as a person.

three and a bit ..... BOnus tip

Also talk about the great qualities of your partner that bring out the best in you, and the little things they do that make your life and relationship amazing, why can't you live without them... think, I love your positivity and strength, and it makes me feel so confident and sure going into our future. Do they always listen to you without judgement? Do they make sure you are always well fed? Are they your biggest supporter always encouraging you to pursue your dreams? Your infectious laugh how you truly make me smile on my hardest days, even add humorous ones in... I love that you will always decide what's for dinner. Compliment your partner like never before.

four - i promise to ...

Make a few promises to each other about what you will continue to do in marriage, e.g. I promise to continue to support you, motivate you, through the good and bad I’ll be there! I promise to never give up on us, to prioritise our marriage. I promise to continue to choose what we have for dinner every single night! What do you do in the relationship that your partner wants and needs?

five - i look forward to ...

What life goals or aspirations do you have together? Do you want to raise a family? Travel? Own a home? Have an alpaca farm? Remind them that you are ready to walk into the future with them. Tell them that you have a lot more to experience together. You are excited for the future and for what this day represents.

six - closing statement ...

"I can't wait to be your wife/husband!" End with a bang! Make a bold statement for your closing line, some couple choose to write this together and your DONE!!!! You did it! If you didn't write along as you read click the template below to get started.

Sarah jane's advice

Consider these three things during the wedding planning process...

Number 1: Practice your vows out loud - you don't wan’t the first time you’ve read them out loud to be at your wedding ceremony!


Number 2: Lean on your celebrant as much as possible - get their feedback, they write for a living so make the most of their skills and talents.


Number 3: Have a visual keepsake of your vows - look at them often and be reminded of the promises you’ve made to each other.

If you need help preparing personal vows click on the link below to access your free workbook download to get you started on your wedding vows!!!! It couldn't be easier <3

Then you can use our 'Ultimate Wedding Planning Spreadsheet' to save a copy of your vows so they don't disappear into the cloud!

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