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Season 1 - Episode 13

Wedding Vow Writing Episode

Sarah-Jane, wedding celebrant, MC and Day of Coordinator from the beautiful New Zealand town of The Coromandel! Sarah-Jane Laing Celebrant joins me on the podcast to talk about how to write the perfect wedding vows and shares her tips from her years of experience. 

Sarah Jane talks you through the 6 steps to good vow writing and by the end of this episode you will have a draft version of your vows, how good is that! 

We answer your Instagram questions, including but not limited to, 

“What do I include in my wedding vows” 

“My vows sounds cheesy, help!?” 

“Can I write my vows with my partner or should they be a secret?”

Sarah-Jane shares her Top 3 tips for beautiful and stressfree vows and one is all about how to remember them after the wedding day! Listen now to learn all her secrets <3 

We exchange Hitch glitch stories and wrap up the episode with Sarah-Jane’s socials so you can connect with her!

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Instagram: @sj_nzcelebrant

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What Makes you unique in the industry?

"Being authentically me (I know how cheese balls), choosing a Celebrant so important you connect with them, feel confident and comfortable around them. I bring passion, energy and authentic storytelling to all my ceremonies!

 - Sarah Jane Laing

Sarah jane's top 3 vow writing tips

On the Your Marriage Awaits Podcast Sarah-Jane shared with Nicole the role of a celebrant on the wedding day, supporting the couple to write their wedding vows. She shares her 6 steps to perfect wedding vows and her top 3 tips with us today on the blog.

Number 1: Practice your vows out loud - you don't wan’t the first time you’ve read them out loud to be at your wedding ceremony!


Number 2: Lean on your celebrant as much as possible - get their feedback, they write for a living so make the most of their skills and talents.


Number 3: Have a visual keepsake of your vows - look at them often and be reminded of the promises you’ve made to each other.

If you need help preparing personal vows click on the link below to read the blog and access your free template download to get you started on your wedding vows!!!! It couldn't be easier <3

Then you can use our 'Ultimate Wedding Planning Spreadsheet' to save a copy of your vows so they don't disappear into the cloud!

Listen to the episode for your 6 steps and download the free vow writing worksheet now!




Hi I’m Sarah-Jane (SJ), I am a fun, bubbly wedding celebrant and event manager based in the beautiful Coromandel of NZ. In late 2014, I married my high school sweetheart on a field at the school where we first met. The ceremony was beautiful and sparked a love for weddings and starting my celebrant journey. After marrying one of my best friends a few years later, I truly felt I found my calling and will marry my 80th couple this wedding season!

Continued below...


I pride myself on creating fun, personalised ceremonies told in my authentic story telling style, that truly reflects the couple. Creating ceremonies engaging, memorable and a highlight to their day is the aim!

Tell US your favourite wedding story

As a celebrant who became a celebrant just as my friends were all starting to get married, I am so incredibly luckily to have not only shared many beautiful days watching friends get married but to actually be the one to who marries them is unreal... to announce them as married and watch them share their first kiss as a married couple is so cool. Easily my favorite weddings are family and friends.

Tell US your best wedding disaster story

To be honest I haven't had a major (touch wood) disaster, but lots of things that have gone wrong... but that is completely normal and fixable on the day; bride got a flat tyre on the way to her ceremony, power cut at a venue, day before someone lovingly did donuts in the reserve where the ceremony was supposed to be tearing up the lawn, microphone cut out, veils flying off, at my own wedding the strap on my dress broke as we were about to walk out the door, luckily a few bridesmaids worked their magic with a safety pin, and no one knew anything! Haha lots of little things that are easily fixable and when you have a team of awesome vendors and support people - chances are you might not even realised things ever went wrong.

Name 4-5 'icks' you have in your niche?

1. I want to just get through the ceremony to “get to the party.”

2. I don't want to say personalised vows

3. MC related - thinking you have to be a standup comedian to be an MC 4. Can I use chat GPT to write my VOW? (face smash)

5. "I'm gonna wing it" regarding vows