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Season 1 - Episode 2

What's this episode about?

Choosing the style of your wedding is a MUST-DO before you can even think about your budget! Listen along to figure out how to decide on your preferred wedding style and how this will flow across all your planning. Then part two of the episode explores creating, prioritising, and sticking to your wedding budget. With actionable tips, you can implement right away.

Wedding Style discussed include Traditional/Classic, Modern, Rustic, Boho, Garden/Backyard, and Destination weddings. Use the Pinterest board linked below to see visual examples of each style described on the pod.

I share the average New Zealand Wedding costs, and that us Kiwis usually spend 26% more than we budgeted for!

Mentioned in the episode is our Wedding Planning Spreadsheet which will have you planning your wedding like a pro! With the fully customisable template, you will be able to view your budget and regularly check in on how all of your planning is progressing. Follow the link below and look for the Spreadsheet option to find out more.

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TOP 5 Things to consider when making your wedding budget

On this Your Marriage Awaits Podcast episode I, Nicole, share my top 5 tips for when it comes time to choose your style and set your wedding budget. Here is a short recap of what was discussed in the Podcast episode. For more information listen to the episode with the link above!

Number 1: Know the style of wedding you want BEFORE setting your budget

Number 2: Have conversations early on if family is contributing to your day as to how much and when you'll receive their monetary gift. This will help you plan with your full budget in mind.

Number 3: Prioritise your non-negotiables and adjust your budget to get them. Use the method mentioned in the episode to decide on these as a couple.

Number 4: Choose your essential vendors early BUT only contact them once your date is set (this does not apply for venues).

Number 5: Track all your quotes, budgets, expenses, payments, and deposits made to stay on top of your budget, and do a monthly check-in as a couple if needed.

If you need help with your budget tracking we have a download available in the resource store. The Ultimate Wedding Planning Spreadsheet has everything you need to track your spending BUT also so much more including, invitation tracking, guest numbers, seating arrangements, vendor and venue comparisons, honeymoon budget and planning, and more!

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